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A city of southern Ontario, Canada, southwest of Toronto. It was named for the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant.


(Placename) a city in central Canada, in SW Ontario. Pop: 86 417 (2001)


(ˈbrænt fərd)

a city in S Ontario, in SE Canada, near Lake Erie. 76,146.
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And so, to save his life, he and his father and mother set sail from Glasgow and came to the small Canadian town of Brantford, where for a year he fought down his tendency to consumption, and satisfied his nervous energy by teaching "Visible Speech" to a tribe of Mohawk Indians.
8 June 2018 - Canada-based metals distributor and industrial products manufacturer Samuel, Son and Co., has invested CDN 18m in its automotive metal processing centre in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, the company said.
Target: Upgrade, expansion of automotive metal processing centre in Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Auto Business News-June 6, 2018--Samuel, Son & Co invests USD18m in Brantford automotive metal processing centre
Ontario is expanding GO Transit bus service to Brantford to connect the city to the GO Transit network, giving commuters more transit options and reducing congestion.
Patients and visitors can keep current on the Internet with a new wireless system at the Brantford General Hospital.
The funding will also allow ALST to hire a new aftercare worker in Brantford. ALST currently employs five case workers in Toronto, Brantford-Hamilton, Waterloo-Wellington and Sarnia.
Brantford, Canada, March 28, 2014 --( Brantford real estate specialist picks up prestigious sales award.
We returned to the Best Western in Brantford for our fall meetings.
And in October this year - just a few weeks before his recent death, aged 91 - he made the news in his local newspaper, The Brantford Expositor, for donating a commemorative sword to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum.
Born in Brantford, Ontario, Cooke was raised by an uncle in Hamilton, Ont.
But Humber's foreword also underscores the unique and praiseworthy measure of integrity (in its several senses) with which Wilfrid Laurier University and its partners carried out this particular endeavor in urban revitalization: the creation of the Laurier Brantford campus in what had become the "worst downtown in Canada."