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Noun1.Michel Ney - French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815)Michel Ney - French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815)
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But that Tars Tarkas was the bravest of the brave he had proven thousands of times; yes, tens of thousands in countless mortal combats with men and beasts.
For Helium!" that for countless ages have spurred on the bravest of the brave to those deeds of valor that have sent the fame of Helium's heroes broadcast throughout the length and breadth of a world.
Cecco, bravest of the brave, cowered before his captain, crying "No, no"; but Hook was purring to his claw.
AHUMBLE bobby has been dubbed the "bravest of the brave" after bearing the weight of a car on his back to help save a man trapped underneath.
It is a matter of pride for our unit which is called 'Bravest of the Brave' that we are paying tribute to martyrs of Kargil war," he added.
"It is a tribute to our fallen heroes and the bravest of the brave. It epitomises a rich saga of courage, valour and selfless sacrifice made by our heroes in the rich military tradition," Lt Gen P S Rajeshwar, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff, said at a special media briefing.
"Lt Fred Burks VC, MM was the bravest of the brave."
"It helps members of the forces to understand PTSD can affect the bravest of the brave and, should they experience symptoms of PTSD, that they are not alone now or across 2500 years."
Pat said: "She was the bravest of the brave. She never complained, she was the strongest person I ever met in my life.
"From the trenches of the First World War, to the Forward Operating Bases of Afghanistan, our armed forces have proved time and again that they are the bravest of the brave."
Time, I think, for DFID to rearrange its priorities and to support the former Gurkha soldiers who put their lives on the line for our country, often described by those who served with them as "the bravest of the brave".