n.1.A boor killed for the table.
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Romeo Brawner, commander of the Army's 103rd Infantry Brigade, said Soaib had a son named Hadip who was recruited by the Maute brothers and was unfortunately killed in a firefight on Sept.
'The relentless offensive of the troops pressured the enemy forces to flee and this prompted their supporters to surrender,' said Army Brigadier General Romeo Brawner, 103IB commander.
Romeo Brawner Jr., commander, Army 103rd Brigade, visit Dawlah Islamiyah-Lanao (DI-Lanao)-influenced villages in Lanao Del Sur to reach out to communities.
Brigadier General Romeo Brawner, commander of the 103rd Infantry "Haribon" Brigade based in Marawi City, said, "there is no truth" to the claims of another siege in the capital city of Lanao del Sur province as he dismissed reports of alleged presence of Islamic State (ISIS)-inspired terrorists in the area.
Romeo Brawner, commander of the Army's 103rd Brigade headquartered right in the heart of Marawi City in Lanao del Sur, said the IS and its mixture of local fighters are already finished in the province.
Romeo Brawner, chief of the Army's 103rdInfantry Brigade, said yesterday.
Romeo Brawner Jr, commander of the 103rd "Haribon" Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army reassured the general public that the recent deliberate military operations will not affect the current tranquility of the city.
The gunmen have mustered a force of about 200 fighters and fought a series of skirmishes with the security forces this year after government forces retook Marawi last October, Colonel Romeo Brawner said.
Romeo Brawner, Malaysian terrorist Amin Bacu, who might still be alive, could have taken over as their leader.
An estimated 30 people, including militants and some of their family members, were battling to hold a fortified, two-storey building next to Marawi City's vast Lake Lanao, and appeared ready to fight to the death, according to the deputy commander of the operation, Colonel Romeo Brawner. Brawner said they believed foreign operatives were among those still fighting and it was clear there was now a leadership vacuum after the military killed the rebels' two top leaders this week.
"We are hoping that we will end this Marawi siege very soon," Colonel Romeo Brawner, deputy commander of the task force battling the militants, told reporters, RT reported.
Steve Brawner, the thoughtful voice behind, wrote a column last week that made me want to hang up my keyboard.