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 (brăz′ə-vĭl′, brä-zä-vēl′)
The capital and largest city of the Republic of the Congo, in the southern part of the country on the Congo River across from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Founded by the French in the 1880s, it is a trade center and major port.


(French brazavil)
(Placename) the capital of Congo-Brazzaville, in the south on the River Congo. Pop: 1 153 000 (2005 est)
[C19: named after Pierre de Brazza (1852–1905), French explorer]


(ˈbræz əˌvɪl, ˈbrɑ zə-)

the capital of the Republic of the Congo, in the S part, on the Congo (Zaire) River. 585,812.
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Noun1.Brazzaville - the capital and largest city of the Republic of the Congo
French Congo, Republic of the Congo, Congo - a republic in west-central Africa; achieved independence from France in 1960
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En sejour a Brazzaville, le pere Yvon Cesar Banackissa a ete nomme recemment nouveau superieur des Missionnaires du Sacre-CAur en Afrique.
Others in the pot are Zambia, Benin, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, Mauritania, Niger and Libya.
The AFN delegation will then take part in the high-level summit on "Financing the fight against HIV / AIDS" scheduled for 11 and 12 July in Brazzaville, Congo.
Navy veteran and English teacher, Lindsey joined the Foreign Service as a communications officer and served overseas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazzaville, Bonn, Maputo and Abu Dhabi.
Le Raja de Casablanca s'est impose en deplacement par 2 buts a 1 face au club CARA Brazzaville, dimanche au Stade Alphonse Massamba-Debat de Brazzaville, en match aller comptant pour les quarts de finale de la Coupe de la Confederation africaine de football (CAF).
On President Weah's recent two - day visit to Congo - Brazzaville, Mr.
The two pretended they were in a position to secure Raza a job as an ambassador in Congo Brazzaville.
Addis Ababa, Cairo and Brazzaville are among the world's top 10 cities to visit in 2018, as decided by the world-renowned Forbes magazine.
Rabat: Congo Brazzaville beat Cameroon 1-0 in the African Nations Championship in the Moroccan city of Agadir.
Twenty-one new routes will link Tunisia and several Central and Western African countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central Africa, Congo Brazzaville, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Chad and Togo.
President of the Republic of the Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso received Saudi Arabia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir on Tuesday in the capital of Brazzaville, according to Saudi state news agency (SPA).
Riyadh, Rabi'II 22, 1439, January 09, 2018, SPA -- President Denis Sassou Nguesso, President of the Republic of the Congo, today in the capital, Brazzaville, received Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir.