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One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one's dependents.

bread·win′ning n.


a person supporting a family with his or her earnings
ˈbreadˌwinning n, adj


(ˈbrɛdˌwɪn ər)

a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who supports dependents.
bread′win`ning, n.
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Noun1.breadwinner - one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents
earner, wage earner - someone who earn wages in return for their labor
عائل الأسرة
živitel rodiny
živiteľ rodiny
ailenin geçimini sağlayan kişiekmek parası kazanan


[ˈbredˌwɪnəʳ] Nsostén m de la familia


[ˈbrɛdwɪnər] nsoutien m de famille


nErnährer(in) m(f), → Brotverdiener(in) m(f)


[ˈbrɛdˌwɪnəʳ] nchi mantiene la famiglia, chi porta i soldi a casa (fam)


(bred) noun
1. a type of food made of flour or meal baked. bread and butter.
2. one's living. This is how I earn my daily bread.
ˈbreadcrumbs noun plural
very tiny pieces of bread. Dip the fish in egg and breadcrumbs.
ˈbreadwinner noun
a person who earns money to keep a family. When her husband died she had to become the breadwinner.
bread and butter
(a way of earning) one's living. Writing novels is my bread and butter.
on the breadline
with barely enough to live on. The widow and her children are on the breadline.

bread and butter takes a singular verb.
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A similar volume is Bread Winners Too (the earlier Bread Winners is also good) by Mel London, Rodale Press, 1984.
India has witnessed a revolution in the field of women empowerment, where women from marginalized sections of society have taken up professions like making hand made brooms to become self sufficient and bread winners of their families.
Imagine the condition of the families left behind by these farmers who were the bread winners," he says.
PPAF would request its partner organizations in and around Lahore to send their borrowers who are Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in their respective areas to the LABARD Vocational Training Centre at Shadman, Lahore, so that they could become independent bread winners for themselves and their families.
Ignoring the politics, our youngsters are the bread winners of the future, in fact, the future of our country.
On Saturday 26 October it is hoped that thousands around the world will pick up their phone, tablet or computer and log on to Twitter to support Women Bread Winners in the Middle East and North Africa region.
The official said that Muscat Municipality had tried over the past five years to install taxi meter but it was refused by a large segment of the taxi drivers, who argued that many of them are the bread winners for their families.
Each person would get a cheque worth Rs 150,000, 12 of them those whose bread winners had died and two disabled workers.