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A form of urban dance originating in New York in the late 1970s, combining a Charleston-like step with bends, spins, and moves in which the body is briefly supported by the hands. Also called rocking.
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The week will culminate with an international breakdance competition known as the Red Bull BC One championship, to be held at the Alumni Club in Adliya on May 2.
The clothes will be worn by the artists during the UK's only outdoor international breakdance crew competition - which features crews from Martinique, last year's winners from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Korea competing for a pounds 2,000 prize.
The 24-year-old Tunisian, known for his stage name B-Boy Zilla, will fly out to Egypt following his spectacular win at the Red Bull Breakdance Championship-One Bahrain Cypher contest, during which he had the crowds on their feet with an energetic performance that won him the coveted title of Bahrain's best breakdancer.
Twenty-five years after its original release, Breakdance The Movie is without a doubt still the original and best breakdance film.
Kelly's face was then digitally mapped on to that of the dancers, who follow the same route he takes in the street, to make him appear to breakdance.
They are looking for youngsters aged from 12-18 to take part in public performances incorporating street dance, breakdance and hip-hop.
In truth it was more of a geriatric twitch than a breakdance, but when English cricket's biggest crowd for half a century filled the famous old ground, even Victor Meldrew's role models in the pavilion embraced the spirit of summer's hit-and-giggle phenomenon.
Motion House Dance Theatre is looking for young people to join the performance project, incorporating street dance, breakdance and hip-hop.
IF YOU spent the holiday season watching 80s films such as Footloose and The Breakfast Club then why not bust some 80s moves in the new year by trying to learn how to breakdance.
Workshops will include breakdance and MC battles, DJs, urban art, an indoor football zone and a gaming zone, plus a chance for unsigned acts to show off their talents.
BREAKDANCE troupe the Kombat Breakers impressed judges of a talent competition so much with their high-speed routines they were chosen as overall winners.
A COVENTRY breakdance group who run workshops in schools are appealing for businesses to help put the finishing touches to their act.