breakdown truck

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ARMY HAUL OFF BREAKDOWNTRUCK A BREAKDOWN truck thought to have been used to recover Sergei Skripal's BMW after his attempted murder was taken away by the Army yesterday.
He blamed the weather, he blamed his van breaking down, and even sent me a picture of the van being loaded on a breakdown truck to prove it.
Several years ago, standing by the side of a French Autoroute somewhere in the vicinity of Toulouse, I was forced to accept not only did I know nothing about fixing cars, but also that I didn't know enough French to convince someone to send me a breakdown truck.
Within 20 minutes a breakdown truck dragged the waggon to one side and a lane was cleared of bottles.
On the entrance to Victory Heights this evening, there was a white VW Beetle with a breakdown truck behind it.
A breakdown truck was on its way so I was left with about 35 fans anxiously "clock-watching", desperate to get to the ground before kick-off.
A breakdown truck had to get the cadets and their bus off the side of the road.
A breakdown truck on a rescue mission near Spalding in Lincolnshire got stuck in mud, forcing its driver to call out another breakdown truck.
DO, when waiting for the breakdown truck to arrive, try to find productive ways to pass the time.
John Wilson, 55, of no fixed address, was on the run when he used a DAF breakdown truck to ship cannabis to Northern Ireland on two occasions.
Wales legend Quinnell knows better than most the heart-breaking despair of a Lions journey that ends with a reluctant call for a breakdown truck.
Where do Kev's breakdown truck and car go at night, not to mention Roy's Morris Traveller?