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Noun1.breast implant - an implant for cosmetic purposes to replace a breast that has been surgically removed
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
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Myriam Klink just had a breast enlargement surgery, and she posted a video at the plastic surgery clinic with Dr.
Doctor blames colleague in botched breast enlargement surgery
She branded the MYA Cosmetic Surgery ad campaign, which promotes breast enlargement surgery, as "predatory and exploitative" and targeted easily influenced viewers.
And 43 women have been given NHS breast enlargement surgery in the city over the same period.
The wife of Partick Thistle star Freddie Frans has revealed how she decided against breast enlargement surgery after her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Separate figures from the NHS show a drop in the number of women having breast enlargement surgery.
The wannabe glamour model, who first hit the headlines after being given the NHS breast enlargement surgery, recently announced she is selling tickets to watch the birth of her child for PS10,000.
Hannah Sadowska, 33, of Wrexham, has been seeking comfort while out running after breast enlargement surgery six years ago left her with a 32G bust.
Breast enlargement surgery usually takes about one to two hours.
London, Jan 12 ( ANI ): Rumour has it that Cameron Diaz has undergone a breast enlargement surgery after her latest outing in a tiny bikini.
DUMPING a boyfriend, becoming a better lover and saving up for breast enlargement surgery figure on a list of New Year's resolutions being made for 2012.