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Noun1.breast cancer - cancer of the breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US
carcinoma - any malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue; one of the four major types of cancer
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There are three screening programmes that invite women for important checks on their health - Cervical Screening Wales, Breast Test Wales and Bowel Screening Wales.
The mobile Breast Test Wales unit has been outside Tesco in Abergele since November and left last month.
OTCQB: MTST) recently completed a trial of its MetaSite Breast test that confirmed the test's ability to accurately predict whether breast cancer would metastasize.
Then have a clinical breast test performed by a doctor every two years, and regular mammogram tests from the age of 40.
The Women's Health Centre will see Breast Test Wales, which carries out breast cancer screening, move from the Bodnant unit on Maesdu Road into the hospital.
Breast test results within two hours will soon be available to women in Fife, Lothians and the Borders.
The licensed UND technology is based on detecting cancer biomarkers in breast nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) which is the platform used for the HALO[R] Breast Test marketed by Halo Healthcare for breast cancer risk assessment.
Breast Test Wales, the NHS breast screening service, will run the screening from June 8 to 20 at 18 Cathedral Road.
The first AAA screening clinics will take place between May 22 and May 31 at Breast Test Wales, Wrexham, Llandudno Hospital, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Rhyl and Aberaeron Hospital, Ceredigion.
This puts the Breast Test Wales in an excellent position to continue to deliver an efficient and modern screening programme, maximising benefits from new technological developments.