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Noun1.breast cancer - cancer of the breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US
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Breast Test Wales says all mammograms need to be looked at by at least two specialists.
Dean Phillips, head of Breast Test Wales, said: "We can confirm that a generator was stolen overnight from our mobile breast screening unit at the Jade Jones Pavilion, Flint.
The MetaSite Breast test is intended for use in patients with early stage (stage 1-3), invasive breast cancer who have node-negative or node positive, Hormone Receptor -positive, HER2-negative disease.
THE Breast Test Mobile screening unit is returning to Ely in Cardiff from the middle of September.
The dtectDx Breast test looks at blood-based biomarkers that are highly associated with early breast cancer development.
She said: "It was July 17, 2007, and I was in a breast test centre in Alexandra Road, Swansea.
Then have a clinical breast test performed by a doctor every two years, and regular mammogram tests from the age of 40.
The Women's Health Centre will see Breast Test Wales, which carries out breast cancer screening, move from the Bodnant unit on Maesdu Road into the hospital.
(NB: anyone into golden showers quite likely enjoys smear tests and that's just weird.) As for the breast test, you're invariably worried that this is the time he's going to find a lump, which again isn't exactly the kind of thing that constitutes a turn-on.
BREAST TEST: Mammograms are currently used to test for cancer