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Noun1.breast cancer - cancer of the breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US
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Efficacy of MRI and mammography for breast-cancer screening in women with a familial or genetic predisposition.
Ramaswamy's team has now shown that Twist turns off the gene that encodes E-cadherin in breast-cancer cells.
However, most of the studies he included were those flawed by reporting bias, so it was a classic case of "garbage in, garbage out." Brind's work has been supplanted by a December 2001 review of twenty-eight studies of the ABC link by British researcher Tim Davidson, who concluded in the Lancet Oncology there was "insufficient data to justify warning women of future breast-cancer risk when counseling them about abortion."
"There's been a huge explosion," says Nancy Lanoue, 45, a founder of the Lesbian Community Cancer Project in Chicago and herself a breast-cancer survivor.
Indeed, he notes in an accompanying editorial, these and "apparently all [other] epidemiological studies published so far on different indirect measures of light at night and breast-cancer risk seem to relatively consistently point to an increased risk." Of occupational factors that have been at least tentatively linked to cancer, working at night is the most common, he notes.
October was breast-cancer awareness month, and breast-cancer survivor Beverly Lowe celebrated it by going on The Cancer Industry Tour.
Out-lining scientific understanding of the role of inherited chromosomal abnormalities in breast-cancer incidence, Brenner reminded those present that the vast majority of breast cancers are not genetically associated.