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Difficulty in breathing, often associated with lung or heart disease and resulting in shortness of breath. Also called air hunger.

[Latin dyspnoea, from Greek duspnoia : dus-, dys- + pnoiā, -pnoia, breathing; see pneu- in Indo-European roots.]

dysp·ne′ic (-nē′ĭk) adj.


(dɪspˈni ə)

difficult or labored breathing.
[1675–85; dys- + -pnea]
dysp•ne′al, dysp•ne′ic, adj.

dyspnea, dyspnoea

a condition of painful or difficult breathing. — dyspneic, dyspnoeic, adj.
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Noun1.dyspnea - difficult or labored respiration
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
orthopnea - form of dyspnea in which the person can breathe comfortably only when standing or sitting erect; associated with asthma and emphysema and angina pectoris
breathlessness, shortness of breath, SOB - a dyspneic condition


n. disnea, dificultad en la respiración;
exertional ______ por esfuerzo.
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The two others suffered from breathing difficulty due to hurled tear gas.
But the baby developed severe breathing difficulty," said the doctor.
The 81-year-old had arrived on Langkawi earlier in day for a holiday with his wife when he started having breathing difficulty.
John Thornberry, council head of older people services, said: "We are all more likely to catch colds or flu as the weather gets colder and if your body temperature drops, the risk of heart attack, stroke or breathing difficulty increases.
Exposure to organophosphorus compounds, including the nerve agents satin and soman, can cause seizures, breathing difficulty, and death.