Breech plug

(Gun.) in breech-loading guns, the metal plug or cylinder which closes the aperture in the breech, through which the gun is loaded.

See also: Plug

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Based on the company's Vortek line, the Maxim 50 is a striker-fired, break-action inline muzzleloader with a removable breech plug.
My first model required seating a flanged musket cap over a nipple that screwed into the breech plug.
The breeching design of the Strike is very user-friendly, consisting of a size 209 primer adapter, which serves as a breech plug retained by a threaded collar.
Finally the breech plug itself has to be screwed tight to seal the breech.
Bolt (threaded spring threads 3/4" retainer bushing) length 7/8" Top capping hole length 1" 1/2" Breech plug and nipple to length 1-1/2" fit No.
It's also equipped with a 1-piece stainless steel Accelerator Breech Plug, which allows you to fire both loose and palletized powder without changing the breech plug.
It has a one-piece stainless steel Accelerator Breech Plug, which allows the shooter to use either loose or pelletized powder without changing anything on the gun.
Break the breech plug loose every 15 or 20 rounds, clean and relube, or suffer dire consequences.
First, by use of the two-stage Mag-Prime Breech Plug System, the X Series can be de-primed without discharging the gun.
First you want to make sure that the touch hole is located ahead of the end of the breech plug.
A combination nipple wrench and breech plug tool makes removing these a snap then the barrel can be cleaned from the breech as it should be.
A letter "P" inside a sunburst was also stamped as a proofmark on the left flat of the breech plug between two bands of gold.