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the ancient Irish laws, - unwritten, like the common law of England. They were abolished by statute of Edward III.

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Admittedly, this is a misunderstanding of the Brehon Law but it highlights the challenge Johnston posed to the common law and the Crown's authority.
Quinlan was recently elected as the twenty-first president of the Brehon Law Society, a role that he will serve for a two-year term.
The Brehon Law Society, an Irish American lawyers group that previously boycotted in support of gay rights, is the parade's only other new addition.
The practical value of the oak in Brehon Law is said to be "its acorns and its use for woodwork.
In effect, he creatively concocts ever shifting versions of "justice" by warping ancient patriarchal principles and precedents of Brehon Law through maneuvers that position himself as final authority or breitheamh.
He is active in a number of bar and community organizations, including his service as: co-chair of the Appellate Courts Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association; vice-chair of the Civil Litigation Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association; vice-president of the Brehon Law Society; and president of the board of directors of Center City Opera Theater.
It examines speech offenses in Brehon law, illustrating the long tradition of regulating speech in Ireland, and also traces the subsequent development of blasphemy through Canon law, common law, and modern Irish law.
Links are also made between restorative justice and Brehon Law which Eriksson asserts explains 'why current restorative justice programmes have resonated so strongly with the community activists who were involved in their establishment' (p.
According to Brehon law, the native Irish legal system, eineachlann was one's honor price, the price a person had to pay if he insulted or injured someone, which was determined by the injured person's status.
The translation, transcription, and publication of Brehon law added to the debate.
In 1853 [O'Curry] was employed under the Brehon Law Commission to transcribe and translate those ancient Laws.
The Irish who would have been living under Brehon Law were actually very forward thinking.