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The electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of an electrically charged particle, as when an electron is deflected in the electric field of an atom or molecule.

[German : Bremse, brake (from Middle Low German premse, from pramen, to press) + Strahlung, radiation (from strahlen, to radiate, from Strahl, ray, from Middle High German strāle, from Old High German strāla, arrow, stripe; see ster- in Indo-European roots).]


(Atomic Physics) the radiation produced when an electrically charged particle, esp an electron, is slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus or an atomic ion
[C20: German: braking radiation]


(ˈbrɛmˌʃtrɑ ləŋ)

radiation, esp. x-rays, emitted by an accelerating or decelerating charged particle.
[1940–45; < German, =Brems(e) brake + Strahlung radiation]
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The field jump-starts free electrons in the neighborhood, accelerating them enough to emit X-ray photons known as bremsstrahlung radiation.
With Bragg diffraction, the radiation is monochromatized to K[Alpha], while K[Beta] and bremsstrahlung radiation are suppressed.
There are three basic kinds of electromagnetic radiation by charged particles: Cherenkov or Smith-Purcell radiation, transition radiation and bremsstrahlung radiation.