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Noun1.Bren - a submachine gun operated by gas pressure; used by the British in World War II
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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It's not known where the Bren gun was handed in or by whom.
Hundreds of new apartments are under construction or development at Opus II, including a $130 million, 482-unit complex Plymouth-based Dominium is building at 11001 Bren Road E., directly north of Launch's proposed redevelopment site.
"The Nationals would be a gateway for us to really legitimize esports," said Bren Epro team owner Jab Escutin.
"Bren and I were delighted with the response from various retail buyers and gift shop owners from all over the UK.
Bren was drafted in the third round (82nd overall) this past June out of the University of Illinois by the Cincinnati Reds.
Wilf with his fellow captives in a German POW camp and, left, with a Bren gun
During their donated time, the volunteers have helped beneficiaries at Bren Bikes, a bike recycling social enterprise run by the charity.
"Tua 15 mlynedd yn ol, cefais bren ywen hen, hen o felin sy'n fy nghyflenwi a choed.
"Since day one of the Lee's Summit opening, we've had countless requests for a second location to open in Kansas," said Bren Brown, president and co-owner of Frontier Justice.
Also the sling on the 4T appears to be a sling for a Bren gun?