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Noun1.Bren - a submachine gun operated by gas pressure; used by the British in World War II
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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Caption: The British BREN light machine gun (Mark I, above) was based on an earlier Czech design.
Familiar examples coming to mind are the WWII Bren light machine gun, the Sa vz.58 assault rifle, the Scorpion machine pistol, the CZ 52 pistol with its distinctive roller-locking system, the storied CZ 75 and, of course, those finely made CZ sporting rifles and shotguns.
Firearms on sale included a Bren light machine gun, standard issue for British forces in the Second World War, and a Sterling submachine gun used by the Army until the 1990s.
However, it was never placed into production, and in 1936 they adopted the far superior Bren Light Machine Gun. During World War II, when Great Britain was threatened by invasion from Nazi Germany, substantial quantities of original Model 1918 BARs were sent for use by the British Home Guard under the Lend Lease program.
Caption: Morley Balinson with Bren light machine gun (LMC) at hilltop position in Korea.
The second weapon featured during the three-minute clip is the Mark 1 Bren Light Machine Gun.
Among the firearms were an ex-military Bren light machine gun, a Sten submachine gun first used in World War II and a number of revolvers and semi- automatic pistols banned in 1997.
The four of them tonight are armed with a rifle mark V, a shotgun, an American carbine .300, and John's Bren light machine gun.
There was no equivalent to the British Bren Light Machine Gun or the German MG34 and subsequent MG42, which served as LMGs (Light Machine Guns) when fired off the bipod and Heavy Machine Guns by the Wehrmacht when mounted on the German MG34 Lafette 34 tripod and the subsequent modification for the MG42.