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We may take as one of the best and most typical representatives of this school the Austrian psychologist Brentano, whose "Psychology from the Empirical Standpoint,"* though published in
Like Brentano, I am interested in psychology, not so much for its own sake, as for the light that it may throw on the problem of knowledge.
The view expressed by Brentano has been held very generally, and developed by many writers.
The reference of thoughts to objects is not, I believe, the simple direct essential thing that Brentano and Meinong represent it as being.
Even those, however, which are purely mental will not have that intrinsic reference to objects which Brentano assigns to them and which constitutes the essence of "consciousness" as ordinarily understood.
com)-- The Brentano design studio demonstrates the lines philosophy of beauty + performance with the introduction of three new products - Iliad, Mesa and Graviata.
This paper attempts to demonstrate that the shared ethical judgment is defensible for both on the grounds of the same metaethical assumptions--the value theory of Franz Brentano.
The topics include Wittgenstein on color exclusion: not fatally mistaken, what is wrong with classical negation, Frege and the description theory: an attempt at rehabilitation, breaking good: whether there is a patent recipe for cooking up the moral pill, and a review of Themes from Brentano edited by Denis Fisette and Guillaume Frechette.
The Brentano String Quartet, in contrast, seems to be sailing along quite harmoniously, with its 25th anniversary looming on the horizon two years from now.
Introduccion: Franz Brentano y el problema de los objetos intencionales
Said Commissioner Sam Brentano, "We're asking for certification," adding, "And we will have the ability to--as gross as it is--examine the manifests of boxes.