Brer Rabbit

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Noun1.Brer Rabbit - the fictional character of a rabbit who appeared in tales supposedly told by Uncle Remus and first published in 1880
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I later based the fictional characters Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit (who featured in the 1946 Disney film Song of the South) on these tales.
A book that offers a great modern twist to the Trickster tale and which recalls Aesop's Fables, Brer Rabbit and Anansi.
Featuring stories of the African shapeshifter Anansi, tales of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit, and legends of Creole and Caribbean lineage, this playful and profound volume will make readers re-evaluate traditional African literature.
But, our armory contained one, and one only, of an ugly little revolver that I called "Brer Rabbit." In form, it was a S&W Model 10, with a five-inch barrel in .38 Special.
My three-year-old granddaughter Jeannie doesn't have her own tablet - she borrows mine on trips away to visit relatives.' I download episodes of Brer Rabbit, Octonauts and Abney and Teal and she is as happy as Larry as dad drives down the motorway.
It is also where the legendary folk tales that became Brer Rabbit, passed on verbally by generations of West African slaves, were first written down.
Which writer popularised the characters Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox?
Goode (95-156); Eugene Lee, Killingsworth (157-202); Sterling Houston, Driving Wheel (203-28); adapted by George Hawkins, Brer Rabbit (229-48); Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, When the Ancestors Call (249-94); Ted Shine, Ancestors (295-32).
Generations of Americans are familiar with Joel Chandler Harris's Brer Rabbit stories; the controversies that have been stoked by these stories (use of dialect and the subservient, happy slave figure of Uncle Remus) have alienated many.
Brer Rabbit I am not but Skerra, the black labrador puppy from hell, did tie me to a gorse bush.
It has affected Milo so much that when faced with "having to pick up trash at school" one afternoon as punishment, it was like Brer Rabbit being thrown in the briar patch.
I'm only seven and it was for my first ballet concert which was Brer Rabbit. I did ballet from the age of about four until the end of primary school, but I was never particularly gifted at it.