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n.1.A brier.
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barberries brere abris barretries brere artis carpetweed * crewe apted heartseeds hated erses parrotries prore artis peopleless polls epees spallation * salto plain
I haue a Song suster fer beSondyn be se many be be drowryis bat che sente me che sente me be cherye withoutyn ony ston & so che dede [be] dowe withoutyn ony bon Sche sente me be brere withoutyn ony rynde Sche bad me loue my lemman withoute longgyng how xuld ony cherye be withoute ston & how xuld ony dowe ben withoute bon how xuld ony brere ben withoute rynde how xuld [I] loue myn lemman without longyng Quan be cherye was a flour: ban hadde it non ston quan be dowe was an ey: ban hadde it non bon Quan be brere was onbred: ban hadde it non rynd quan be maydyn haSt bat che louit: che is without longin[g] (1)
Brere G, Bonfanti R, Viscardi M, Bazzigaluppi E, Caroli G.
JUNIOR captain Liam Rowlands posted a score of 7-up to win the Brere Foster Trophy at DENBIGH by three from Carl Parry (4-up) with Stuart Bowker (3-up) third.
11) For wondys & for sorys a gode medycin Take auaunce bogell pygel senegle & ach & erbe robrd veruayne erbe water waybrede daysye rybbe croppe of pe pe red worte crope of pe rede brere & pe holyhoke & stamp Ilkn by hem selfe (KMT).
Walton Hall Walton Hall is first mentioned in 1708,in the will of Robert Brere, who left it to his son and heir.
Four players finished on 5-up in the Brere Foster Trophy, Eifion Jones winning from Adam Houston with Nigel Jones third and Nick Rowlands fourth.
pe meiden was schast and bliphe of chere, Wip rode red so blosme on brere, & ey[?
In "Enlarging English Tautonyms" replace BERIBERIC with ERBER, and BRERE with SUPERSUPERB.
THREE players finished on 5-up in the Brere Foster Trophy a DENBIGH, Barry Davies winning on a countback from Robert Render with Will Jones third.
lt;/p> <pre> A alfalfa muckamuck alfalfa B binging beriberic brere C ceded outscouts mimic D dinging