v. t. & i.1.To burst.
[imp. Brast; p. p. Brusten, Borsten, Bursten.]
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For instance, despite traveling to Sedlets for a conference on 30 November (13 December) 1914, as the minutes of the meeting make clear, the Grand Duke did not actually attend the conference: "Zhurnal soveshchaniia sostoiavshevegosia v Breste 30 noiabria 1914 goda," Hoover Institution Archives (hereafter HIA), Russia, Shtab Verkhognogo Glawmkomanduiushchego, Box 1.
And after that she came to her memory and was reuyued agayne, she wept and sobbyd and with pitefull scriches she replenished the hole mancion, her breste she puncted, her fayre here she tare and pulled in peces & being ouercome with sorowe and pensiuenes rather desyred death than life, calling by name diuers times her swete babes, accomptyng her self more then madde that she deluded by wyle and fraudulente promises delyuered her yonger sonne out of the sanctuarie to his enemye to be put to death.
Pat dotz bot prych my hert grange, My breste in bale bot bolne and bele.
LdK buvo 3 monetu kalyklos: Vilniuje, Kaune ir Breste (Lietuvos Brastoje) (LdK kalyklos 2009).
There were as well Christmas-Shrovetide charges at Trinity in 1549-50 'for puddings', 'for Cheese', and 'for good aile [for] Mr Atkingesons players' and his 'play', and, in 1550-1, 'for ii Loynes & a breste of mutton for Mr Atkynsons players' again.
But o word, lordynges, herkneth er I go: It were ful hard to fynde now-a-dayes In al a toun Grisildis thre or two; For if that they were put to swiche assayes, The gold of hem hath now so badde alayes With bras, that thogh the coyne be fair at ye, It wolde rather breste a-two than plye.
paragraph] And as the kyng wente and come by day by the hygh weyes by Cytees and by tounes in ynglonde there come men wemen and Chyldren and oolde folke crying and reuylyng the kyng and caste foule harlotrye opon hym with grete stones ayenst hys breste.
62) Documents provide record of a great number of images, now lost, that include such examples as a 1449 image of Moses and an alabaster figure of St Anne as well as other figures at St Mary Magdalen Hospital and Chapel noted in an inventory in the will of John Clerke, and at Holy Trinity Priory a painted cloth, given by Thomas Robson in 1519, 'of th'ymage of Our Lady, with her Son sowkyn on hir breste, with a similitude of a preste knelyng'.
Y-blessed be that child And the moder ek, And the swete breste That hire sone sek; Y-hered be the time That swich child was y-boren, That lesed al of pine That er was forloren.
through my fault, war Sire, I wol be youre humble trewe wyf-- Have heer my troutheo--til that myn herte breste.
c1380) In vchonez breste watz bounden boun pe blysful perle (Pearl (Nero A.
29) This oblique indication of teeth is explicit in the Middle English prose romance Robert the Deuyll printed by Wynkyn de Worde (30): "in short space he had longe teeth wherwith he bote the norshes pappes in such wyse, that there was no woman durst gyue hym souke, for he bote off the hedes of theyr brestes.