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n.1.(Eng. Hist.) The official title applied to that one of the Anglo-Saxon chieftains who was chosen by the other chiefs to lead them in their warfare against the British tribes.
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Cadwallon was amongst the dead and Northumbria was reunited under a new king, one who would soon be recognised as Bretwalda - king of kings.
On 24th March 2015, aged 80 years, John, member of Earsdon Lodge, Hon member of Bretwalda Lodge.
Most commentators agree that Bretwalda, the reading of only one manuscript, means 'ruler of Britain'.
In addition to (and often in relation to) Bede, Wormald deals with Bede's abbot Benedict Biscop, Beowulf, the notion of an English imperium allegedly ruled by an overlord known as its Bretwalda, the tenth-century bishop AEthelwold, and the historical circumstances leading to the building and preservation of the Anglo-Saxon churches at Deerhurst and Brixworth.
On the problem of the Bretwalda in general, see David N.
Christianity in essence serves as an instrument to further the power wielded by the bretwalda.
Bcde, the Bretwaldas and the Origins of the Gens Auglorum.
Wormald, "Bede, the Bretwaldas and the Origins of the Gens Anglorum," in P.
Although Northumbria has a long run at the end, all three of its bretwaldas faced the rising power of Mercia: the first two died facing it in battle.
In this passage, in the bright gold and shining jewels and the mention of Hrothgar's personal bravery, we catch something of the atmosphere of the Heroic Age in which the bretwaldas fought for and won their power and wealth.