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 (brī′ər), Stephen Gerald Born 1938.
American jurist who was appointed an associate justice of the US Supreme Court in 1994.


(ˈbraɪ ər)
Stephen G(erald), born 1938, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1994.
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Good Humor--Breyers has introduced its first lactose-free ice cream product, Breyers All Natural Lactose Free Ice Cream.
The company's leading new product introduction for 2000 is Breyers Ice Cream Parlor, a line of premium ice creams that features 12 mix-ins flavors.
No wonder Halo Top has reportedly become America's best-selling pint, with competitors Enlightened and Breyers Delights nipping at its heels.
Unilever's Breyers brand has introduced Breyers delights, a range of low-fat and reduced-fat ice cream.
based Signature Brands under a licensing agreement with Unilever, which manufactures Breyers ice cream, the eight-item line consists of sauces, fruit toppings and jimmies.
Breyers brings families together, both physically and emotionally and creates timeless family bonds.
The Unilever brand Breyers Ice Cream has formed a partnership with the Stop & Shop Supermarket Company to raise $100,000 for Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest--the Nation's Food Bank Network) and its local member food banks.
Meanwhile, Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Unilever offers a Breyers Light six-pack of "double churned, extra creamy" Vanilla & Almond treats that contain one-half the fat of and 30% fewer calories than most so-called "regular ice cream bars" on the market.
Breyers CarbSmart Ice Cream with zero grams net carbs is available in Vanilla & Chocolate (vanilla ice cream and chocolate sorbet) and Neapolitan (vanilla ice cream with chocolate and strawberry sorbets) flavors, while CarbSmart Creamsicle bars come in Orange and Mixed Berry flavors, which are packaged together in one box.
To get back to the Olympics, Rulon had to win a challenge tournament in May, and then defeat Breyers (who had earned a bye in the tournament) in a best of-three series on the following day.