Brick dust

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dust of pounded or broken bricks.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While in jail, he had plenty of time to think, and he decided that the method used to clean teeth at the time - crushed snail shells, soot or brick dust - with a rag was ineffective and could be improved.
PARISRoger Federer faces Roland Garros' mission impossible on Friday when he tries to become just the third man to beat 11-time champion Rafael Nadal on the Paris clay.The great Spaniard has only been defeated twice on the red brick dust in the French capital in 93 matches since his 2005 debut.
Once the brick dust has settled Britain's baddest builder will be on his way out of Weatherfield - dead or alive.
That's when you decide this is going to be a two-human job, one of you tries to flick it up from one side using the coat hanger, one of you tries to flick it up using the broom handle from the other side and slowly, the item is raised out of its pit, up and up it comes covered in dust-balls and hair balls and brick dust and you feel so triumphant you can take on the world.
Brick dust along with bagasse ash used for stabilizing black cotton soil improved the unconfined compressive strength of the soil significantly [14].
'I made pigments of paint from wood and brick dust, gold, copper alloy and had the sand brought in from the Cholistan desert to create a sense of association with the Earth,' she said.
QIS THERE anything I can put on tiles in the shower to stop grout being stained by brick dust? Kim Mytton, by email AIF YOU are drilling into the tiles and are worried about the dust produced, you can buy a disposable bag - typically called a drill dust bag or dust collector - which slots over the drill bit and collects dust as you drill.
Each kind of waste presents different recycling issues, commercial and technical: PCW, for example, can be heavily contaminated and contain not only brick dust, plaster, glass, silicon sealant, metal, nylon spacers and hardware (such as handles, hinges etc) but also non-PVC based gasket materials such as EPDM or TPEs which are not compatible with PVC.
Four types of waste materials such as saw dust, stone dust, brick dust, and building demolish dust are mixed with soil to enhance the strength parameters, that is, cohesion and angle of internal friction of soil, and model slopes made up of these mixtures are tested under dynamic loading using shake table.
Surkhi is finely ground brick dust. It is burnt clay and is by- product of clay brick burning process.
WITH a great rumble a big nearby wall collapsed, narrowly missing the Red Cross workers, a cloud of blood-red brick dust and sparks billowing across the furniture, which had been rescued from the raging inferno and stacked in the middle of the road.