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A place where bricks are made.


(Building) a place in which bricks are made, stored, or sold



a place where bricks are made, stored, or sold.
[1725–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.brickyard - a place where bricks are made and soldbrickyard - a place where bricks are made and sold
workshop, shop - small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
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There are about 14 stores, a meal and flour mill, creamery and cheese factory, two smiddies (blacksmiths), lumber yard, brick yard, where they make good bricks, but the foundations are laid with freestone, which is of good quality; but there are few masons.
I can only assume our open brick yard has been identified from a map.
Outside in the garden there is a blue brick yard and decorative path leading to a paved patio.
BACKING: Bob Wegg, who says he will share his experience with Quarry Road allotment holders, at the Brick Yard allotment with Maurice Cook, left
It was eight years ago that Lynne, who works for an airline company, moved to Poplar Cottage in the Brick Yard, and set about redoing virtually every room in the house.
Cersovski's mother used to play the organ at Mass, both at the former church, which still stands and is used as a hall, as well as at the "new" building, built in 1966 from bricks forged at the long-gone Monroe brick yard.
Police Constable Jewson stated that on the afternoon in question he was passing an old brick yard when he heard a noise in the engine house, where he found the prisoner concealed.
And there was the girl of about 8 in the adobe brick yard on the outskirts of Mazatlan.
They are an honest team and a decent club and people everywhere have warmed to their manager, Danny Wilson, a player who worked in a brick yard before getting his own break in the old First Division and then as manager.
When they fled westward on a winter's night in America's largest exodus, they left behind a city with three newspapers, factories, a university, a brick yard, potteries, and a 158-foot-high temple.
Outside there is a walled foregarden and a fenced blue brick yard, while the lawned rear garden backs on to the Miners Welfare Park.