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(Professions) the activity of making bricks


(ˈbrɪkˌmeɪ kɪŋ)

the act or process of making bricks.
brick′mak`er, n.
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In the early days of the school I think my most trying experience was in the matter of brickmaking. As soon as we got the farm work reasonably well started, we directed our next efforts toward the industry of making bricks.
When it came to brickmaking, their distaste for manual labour in connection with book education became especially manifest.
I had always supposed that brickmaking was very simple, but I soon found out by bitter experience that it required special skill and knowledge, particularly in the burning of the bricks.
I secured cash upon it to the amount of fifteen dollars, with which to renew the brickmaking experiment.
Brickmaking has now become such an important industry at the school that last season our students manufactured twelve hundred thousand of first-class bricks, of a quality stable to be sold in any market.
What he wants is the manure, which he uses to produce biogas and electricity that fuel his brickmaking factory.
Ohorongo Cement on Monday handed over a storage container and gave brickmaking training to 68 of the 790 members of the Narraville Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) in Walvis Bay.
SFR trained these women on brickmaking and HHN would compensate them every day they attended the training.
This is even more evident beyond the city and into the Sacred Valley, where we spent time among the Ccaccaccollo Community, witnessing traditional skills such as weaving, ceramic and mud brickmaking. G-Adventures, a partner of trip organisers STA Travel, work with these small enterprises and communities, bringing parties of travellers to their rural villages.
Through private donations and a small grant from United Support of Artists for Africa, the first program, compressed earth brickmaking, began to support the building of the Centre and honor the goal of environmentally friendly building.