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n.1.A male friend who attends upon a bridegroom and bride at their marriage; the "best man."
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The bridesman, groomsmen, and ushers wore white ties and tails adorned with boutonnieres of red roses and greenery.
"Bridesman" at her 2009 marriage to business consultant Peter O'Dowd, Anton is Godfather to their son.
Looking after a baby and a toddler can be hard work but you make it all so much easier!" Jody Elphick, London "Thank you Ed 'the usher' Richardson and his partner Daniel 'bridesman' Davis for making our wedding day so special, and for the hours spent making beautiful handmade signs and looking after our guests.
He served as her "bridesman," ( People reported.
Antony Cotton, 40, who plays gay Sean Tully, was "bridesman".
And "bridesman" Antony Cotton, 40, tweeted photos before the ceremony at luxury Colshaw Hall, Cheshire, saying: "Almost time."
Rosanna, who was voted Ireland's most stylish woman at the recent VIP awards, says she has still not ruled out the possibility of an exclusive magazine shoot package for her wedding, and confirms that she is to have five bridesmaids, and says she has also invited a gay friend to be head bridesman!
A prison is your bridal chamber, the earth your marriage bed, ropes and cords your necklaces and bracelets, a robber sleeps without as your bridesman, a dirge is your marriage hymn.' (3,10,5-6, Gaselee 1917).
"We've danced together for 15 years now and he's my best friend so instead of having a chief bridesmaid, Anton was my head bridesman." She describes their working partnership as "like a marriage" and adds: "We survived the pressures of the competition circuit, had great times and bad times but we've always come out the other side."
Doug Sharples was the bridesman. The couple spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas.
Bridesmaids were Alyssa Davant Johnson, Natalie Ethridge, Rebecca Gorham, and Amber Robinson, and the bridesman was Steven Calhoun.