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n.1.A male friend who attends upon a bridegroom and bride at their marriage; the "best man."
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The bridesman was William Parker Litchliter, friend of the bride.
A prison is your bridal chamber, the earth your marriage bed, ropes and cords your necklaces and bracelets, a robber sleeps without as your bridesman, a dirge is your marriage hymn.
We've danced together for 15 years now and he's my best friend so instead of having a chief bridesmaid, Anton was my head bridesman.
com poll, an overwhelming 63% of brides would ask their best friend to be a bridesman or man of honor if they were a guy.
The bride's brother, Eric Russell, served as bridesman.
SMILES: The happy couple, above, bridesman Carl Colmer and bridesmaids Emma Trainer, Lucy McCartney, Gorgia Tariner, Catlin Micallef and Ellie McCartney, left, and right is the horse-drawn carriage as it awaits its special passengers
The couple married on Italy's Amalfi coast last year - with Anton as chief bridesman - and now live in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.
Attending the bride as bridesman was her brother, Charles Marcus Hewitt of Memphis, Tennessee.