a.1.Full of bridges.
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He said: "I'm sure he will have them well prepared because Bridgey knows all about how Fab tries to set teams up.
The decision with Bridgey came because we were moving in a different direction and it was probably a little bit difficult because the friendship still remains.
He said: "I can't make out - him either saying Bridgey [Cole made the fist gesture] or black.
Poor Bridgey is not having a lot of luck just lately is he?
Good old Bridgey," belted out more than one racegoer, many of whom were later singing along to Kempton's appointed musical interlude, The Hookey Band.
Gdsm Tom Cummins, of Rhyl, says: "Merry Christmas to all my family and happy New Year to mum and dad, Loydy, Gary, Bridgey, Mattie, to Vicky and the boys.
We had a moment of magic from Bridgey to open Burnley up, only to allow them back in.
a) Bluey b) Stamford c) Bridgey Email your answer along with your name, your child's name and date of birth, plus your phone number to: ChelseaMascot @people.
I don't want them to try and become Bridgey or TJ - this is their era and they should do the job in their own way.
Bridgey had been here for a long time but it is kind of a different feel now every time I walk into the gym," he said.
It read: "Well done Bridgey, it's about time, you're only 398 goals behind me now," and it came from his idol and former team-mate Alan Shearer.
We will look to sit down with Darius, Charles, Bridgey and Andy soon.