Bridle track

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a bridle path.

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It had many openings and ferny howes; and a road or bridle track ran north and south through the midst of it, by the edge of which, where was a spring, I sat down to eat some oat-bread of Mr.
Last week, AC Energy entered into a share-purchase agreement for the acquisition of a 51-percent interest in the Baroota Pumped Hydro and the Bridle Track Solar Farm projects from Rise Renewables.
Relative to the targeted expansion ventures in Australia, the joint venture of UPC Renewables and AC Energy disclosed that it has entered into a "conditional purchase agreement for the acquisition of 51 percent interest in the Baroota pumped hydro and the Bridle track solar farm projects."
Tenders are invited for improvement of bridle track from foot jullah bridge Severbati to Village Tunder Prangus in Dachhan by way of Earth work and waling in km 2nd RD 500-1000