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 (brē-ĕnts′), Lake
A lake of central Switzerland near Interlaken. It is noted for its scenic beauty.



Lake of, a lake in SE Bern canton in Switzerland. 11.5 sq. mi. (30 sq. km). German, Bri•enz•er See (briˈɛn tsər ˈzeɪ)
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We drove sullenly through Brienz, dead to the seductions of its bewildering array of Swiss carvings and the clamorous HOO-hooing of its cuckoo clocks, and had not entirely recovered our spirits when we rattled across a bridge over the rushing blue river and entered the pretty town of Interlaken.
In the section between Interlaken East and Brienz on the southern Brienzerseeseite the mostly 2-lane road National N08 Lattigen (BE) is - Lopper (NW) repaired.
For those who like to pump up the adrenaline, Jet Boat Interlaken, Switzerland's first commercial jet boat, offers a spectacular ride on the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz.
Back on those ever-reliable Swiss rails, we caught the historic train from Wilderswil up to Schynige Platte and wandered around the alpine garden, then hiked to a ledge at the top where there are views of Interlaken and lakes Thun and Brienz.
Above lakes Thun and Brienz and beneath the bewildering heights of the Eiger mountain, a network of winter walking trails is now maintained.
However, it has now been established that all such carvings were the sole province of the Swiss, the industry originating in the picturesque town of Brienz, a pretty lakeside town near Interlaken.
Feast your eyes on pockets of alpine beauty along the way while roaming through quaint villages, and soak up the sights of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun that shimmer with beautiful turquoise and emerald hues.
If you're in the mood for more great views it's worth taking a short trip to Brienz to catch one of their famous steam trains.
The Parkhotel du Sauvage at Meiringen and Marion McMullen on the Brienz Rothorn
Nestled between turquoise blue lakes Thun and Brienz and against the backdrop of the rugged Swiss Alps, it's like standing in the centre of a postcard.
I took a boat across Lake Brienz, near Interlaken, and enjoyed a delicious meal on board.