Brigade major

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an officer who may be attached to a brigade to assist the brigadier in his duties.

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He has also served as the brigade major of an infantry brigade and Chief of Staff of Rawalpindi Corps.
Lt-Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa also commanded a brigade headquarter as a brigade major, commanded infantry unit as Lt Col, he was Grade-I officer [GSO-I] in 10 Corps headquarters and has also commanded a brigade in an operation area.
Bajwa has also been Brigade Major of an Infantry Brigade and Chief of Staff of Rawalpindi Corps.
He has successfully tenanted prestigious staff appointments including Brigade Major of 268 Infantry Brigade in intense Counter Insurgency areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Col GS (Military Doctrine) at Army War College, Mhow, BGS (Ops) of South Western Comd, ADG Disp and Vigilance.
A statement of the popular mobilization said "A joint security meeting held at the headquarters of the 8th Army Division in western Anbar included the commander of operations of the popular mobilization forces in Anbar Qasim Musleh and the assistant commander of operations Ahmed Nasrallah with the commander of Al-Jazeera operations, Major General Qasim al-Muhammadi and commander of the brigade Major General Abdul Hussein Saud, " added that "The meeting discussed the security situation and the emphasis on coordination between security leaders through the work of intelligence and security and readiness of the units to protect the Iraqi-Syrian border."/ End
Bajwa also served as a Brigade Major of an Infantry Brigade and Chief of Staff of Rawalpindi-based X Corps and commanded 16 Baloch Regiment, an Infantry Brigade and has commanded Infantry Division in Northern Areas (Commander FCNA).
'When we were the unlucky two manning the branch and had to take the bashing by Brigadier Zak Maimalari standing like wet chicken in the cold for the posting of Ifeajuna, his Brigade Major, you turned the whole episode into a joke when he left the branch.
Manchester Hill held out until after three o'clock, when a final message from the battalion commander to the brigade major showed the desperate straits of his little garrison.
Among them are the General Staff Officer II at the Directorate of Training at the Army Headquarters, Brigade Major of 521 Brigade, Director Psychological Operations, Director Sports, Director General Operations & System at the office of the Chief of Defence Staff, Officer Instructor at Kotelawala Defence University, Commanding Officer at Kotelawala Defence University, Commandant at Army Training School, Maduruoya before he was appointed the Deputy Chief of Staff.
(Freddy) Graham, Laycock's Brigade Major, relates, with the utmost clarity, how, in the absence of Laycock, he and Colvin were summoned by the officer commanding Crete, General Weston, into the Creforce HQ cave around 10.00 pm.
His diverse experience in the Army includes Brigade Major of an Infantry Brigade, Instructor at the Pakistan Military Academy, Commands of a Divisional Artillery in Northern Areas, Infantry Brigade, Infantry Division, Corps and Army Strategic Force Command.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of Iraqi Counterterrorism's Golden Brigade Major General Ma'an al-Sa'adi announced that his forces are ready to attack the center of the city of Mosul after sending hundreds of families to safe places.

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