Brilliant green

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Then the fourth cylinder fell--a brilliant green meteor--as I learned afterwards, in Bushey Park.
The bright sun, the brilliant green of the foliage, the strains of the music were for her the natural setting of all these familiar faces, with their changes to greater emaciation or to convalescence, for which she watched.
Beside the path were paper trees, all cut out very neatly and painted a brilliant green color.
All that side was brilliant green, the other side with the elm tree was dark.
The clumps were of the most brilliant green, and they made a pleasing miniature-likeness of broken forest land.
This novel enzyme-activated intracellular delivery of brilliant green with the help of halloysite nanotubes, which are coated with dextrin, could prove helpful in fighting cancer significantly.
Our vegetable dish was brilliant green blanched Kailanchai with crunchy stems coated thinly with oyster sauce and a whiff of sesame oil.
There's a lot to love about summer: School's out, everyone's wearing flip-flops, the trees are a brilliant green and you tend to enjoy the holidays.
Caption: Brilliant green auroral curtains danced over Akranes, Iceland, during a display on October 21, 2017.
After 24 h, a loopful was taken from the enriched samples and were streaked on brilliant green agar plates and the cultured plates were incubated at 37 AdegC for 24 h for salmonella and E.
It comes in brilliant green, brilliant red, brilliant blue, brilliant purple, opaque white and more.
Summary: The untreated bentonite (UB), acid treated bentonite (ATB) and magnetite impregnated bentonite (MIB) has been examined as adsorbents for the removal of Brilliant green (BG) dye from aqueous medium.