Brillo pad

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Brillo pad



a scouring pad made of wire wool filled with soap

Brillo pad

® [ˈbrɪləʊˌpæd] Nestropajo m de aluminio

Brillo pad®

nScheuertuch nt (aus Stahlwolle)
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Yet even here the formal patterns Hirst deploys in this family of pieces actually remind me powerfully of a work of '60s art, Paul Thek's Meat Piece with Warhol Brillo Box, 1965.
Even the book's front-cover image - an illustration of Paul Thek's more or less self-explanatory Meat Piece with Warhol Brillo Box, 1965 - conjures a Pandora's box of semiotic possibilities and critical metaphors, ranging from Baudelairean estheticism, to the hollowness/rottenness of Pop art and/or pop culture, to recent precedents for Damien Hirst's decomposing, post-Stubbsian cow heads.
Nobody in recent years understood the "morte" aspect of nature morte better than Andy Warhol, who is represented in this exhibition by the isolated, elegantly empty and scary Skull, 1976, as well as by his equally apt, by-now-classical consume fist versions of the still-life genre, 100 Cans, 1962, and Brillo Boxes, 1964.