Brillo pad

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Brillo pad



a scouring pad made of wire wool filled with soap
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Brillo pad

® [ˈbrɪləʊˌpæd] Nestropajo m de aluminio
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Brillo pad®

nScheuertuch nt (aus Stahlwolle)
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That's got to hurt like a Brillo pad carelessly concealed down your jockstrap.
Working feverishly with a Brillo pad can be hard work, but no-one has died from exhaustion while doing it.
The conditioner works even on my Brillo pad mop of overdyed hair.
He had shinned up the sink pipe, inched his way across the draining rack and, filled with bravado, had attempted to leapfrog a Brillo Pad.
The film includes the line "That's not a Brillo pad, it's a ball of pubic hair," which is not a line you want to hear in any film ever.
In fact, there's nothing chilling about the experience, the marble is anything but cold, it's heated!I felt a little exposed, lying down in my skimpy disposable pants as the warm shower drenched my skin and Thai therapist Raya set about covering me with a deep cleansing black olive soap at the start of my experience.I then slipped into the steam room for 10 minutes allowing pores to open and I now know how an American turkey must feel like being prepared for Thanksgiving.Back on the hot slab I was showered down and Raya went to work with what I thought must be a brillo pad for scrubbing dirty saucepans but it was in fact a simple spiky glove.
One minute I'm absorbed by her description of the Roman slavery system, the next I'm picturing how much better her long, Brillo Pad locks would look shaped into a choppy bob, or a Judi Dench crop or, if we're sticking with eccentric academic chic, just swept up into a bluestocking's bun.
Use a SOS or Brillo pad to remove any moldy leftovers.
If he'd only worn the pink wig instead of that undersized afro wig, which looked like a beanie made out of an old Brillo pad, Jamaican drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke might not have been caught and extradited to New York City to face a variety of felony charges.
"Unfortunately for her, the focus of attention was not her impossibly long legs or enviably trim bottom but the fact that her knees looked as though she'd spent the morning cleaning doorsteps and used a Brillo pad as an exfoliator," writes the Daily Mail's Claudia Connell gleefully.
"It looks like the Lord took a Brillo pad and scrubbed the ground," said Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen.