Brillo pad

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Brillo pad



a scouring pad made of wire wool filled with soap

Brillo pad

® [ˈbrɪləʊˌpæd] Nestropajo m de aluminio

Brillo pad®

nScheuertuch nt (aus Stahlwolle)
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It's realising that its unofficial sponsors, like corn plasters and Brillo-pad yarns and unforgiving Lycra, will only be endured by the public for so long.
Has a brillo-pad hair-do and is equally as effective in cleaning up any bad ball coming the way of the backs.
(Of course, my Brillo-pad perm and braces didn't help the situation.) After all, there's only a few pre-pubescent years that "Four eyes are better than two" is a mature response.
You have to decide which is worse - long, spindly Brillo-pad hairs below your skirt or wearing holey hosiery.