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Noun1.British Parliament - the British legislative body
British House of Commons, House of Commons - the lower house of the British parliament
British House of Lords, House of Lords - the upper house of the British parliament
parliament - a legislative assembly in certain countries
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Ye girls with golden guineas, ye nymphs with crisp bank-notes, mourn over the husband you have lost among you--over the Rogue who has broken the laws which, as the partner of a landed or fund-holding woman, he might have helped to make on the benches of the British Parliament! Oh!
MIRPUR (AJK) -- The British Parliament member belonging to the opposition Labour Party Jaise Philips Friday welcomed the US President Donald Trumps repeated offer of mediation to both India and Pakistan for resolution of the much-delayed Kashmir issue.
The latest extension was given after the British Parliament voted down Prime Minister Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement thrice.
It was decided that Pakistan would write letters to members of British parliament as well as European parliament to urge them to play their role in defusing the situation.
He was addressing an international conference on Kashmir in the British parliament on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day which was organized by all parties parliamentary group on Pakistan.
The Swedish Minister of European Affairs and Trade expressed regret that the British Parliament did not agree to the agreement, indicating that the agreement remains the best way to exit the country in an orderly manner from the European Union.
"It is not entirely unlikely that the British parliament will vote for the divorce agreement in January," Oettinger told Funke Media Group in an interview.
May needs support from her party and the British parliament in order to bring the deal home and has hinted there may be a renegotiation of parts of the Brexit agreement with the EU.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- EU leaders approved a Brexit deal agreed with the UK government at special summit Sunday, but warned that there would be no meaningful renegotiation of the Brexit deal, even if the British parliament rejects it.
?e pay rich tributes to our Pakistani brethren who are holding high slot in British parliament and have come here to extend financial assistance and encourage us to come forward to join them in their crusade for alleviating poverty and bestowing their right to attainment of education to those who lag behind in race of leading a dignified and prosperous life for want of education owing to financial constraints, he remarked.
Rawdhat Khuraim, Riyadh Region, Rajab 15, 1438, Apr 12, 2017, SPA -- The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received here today Member of Parliament from British Conservative Party and Chairman of Saudi-British Group in the British Parliament Charlotte Leslie and a number of members of the British parliament.

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