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(Biography) (Edward) Benjamin, Baron Britten. 1913–76, English composer, pianist, and conductor. His works include the operas Peter Grimes (1945) and Billy Budd (1951), the choral works Hymn to St Cecilia (1942) and A War Requiem (1962), and numerous orchestral pieces


(ˈbrɪt n)

(Edward) Benjamin, 1913–76, English composer.
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Noun1.Britten - major English composer of the 20th centuryBritten - major English composer of the 20th century; noted for his operas (1913-1976)
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Creating scenery for the operas of Benjamin Britten (1913-76) was both a testing and rewarding occupation.
MY only disappointment with Radio 3's Benjamin Britten centenary celebrations was that it featured little about his darker side.
Britten is one of the RLPO's themes for the 2013/14 season, and this concert - bringing together no fewer than five of his works from the 1940s - must presumably be THE central celebration, hence its moniker.
Walshaw Lodge residential home in Prestatyn, formerly Clive House Preparatory School, where Britten's brother, Robert was headmaster, will host tenor John Bacon and pianist Helen Mills who will perform songs by Benjamin Britten.
OPERA North present Midsummer Night's Dream as part of their Benjamin Britten centenary celebration at the Theatre Royal.
Or maybe it's the work's sombre nature for, like the Berg concerto, which Britten greatly admired, it's a requiem; not for an individual but for the victims of the Spanish Civil War.
While all such publications, no matter how slight, will inevitably be of considerable interest to scholars and die-hard Britten enthusiasts--and it might be argued that this alone is a compelling reason for their public dissemination--it is rather less certain whether every morsel of this rediscovered music deserves a strong foothold in the concert hall; and, at times, some listeners have feared that the composer's reputation might become a shade tarnished by the realization that he did not always attain his customary level of genius.
Hailing from Manilla - the same town as Fiona Coote, Australia's youngest heart-transplant recipient - Britten said the prospect of leading a normal and lengthy life is a "bit like pressing the restart button".
Manipulative nurse David Britten lit candles in his office and had sex with victims of bulimia and anorexia after inviting them for "therapy" and locking the door.
Britten composed the work in observance of the 100th anniversary of the Red Cross in 1963, founded by Oxford, Mass.
The lives of two of the twentieth century's greatest composers, Benjamin Britten and Samuel Barber, were similar in many ways.