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"After a training session we felt really positive that we would win and pumped up so we decided to entice our female fans with our own volley balls," said Volejbal Brno team captain Vlado Katona.
The book focuses on the relationship between Leos Janacek and the National Theatre in Brno (NDB), Moravia's most significant cultural institution.
Brno has agreed to work his fashion magic on me, styling me to within an inch of my life to attend the London premiere of his film.
Brno's guest spot on Today With Richard Bay, a confessional in the style of Jeremy Kyle, warrants a few chuckles as does a ham-fisted attempt to bring peace to the Middle East.
If you have seen any of the advance publicity you know exactly what to expect from Baron Cohen's wonderfully outrageous comedy Brno.
This year's festival will open with a Brno Philharmonic Orchestra concert made up of early Satie and Cage works.
Brno in Austrian costume Naked ambition ...Brno in various poses on his quest for fame Crawl of the wild ...Baron Cohen as Brno in leather
As in the rest of the Moravian towns, in Brno too the theatre was among the oldest of cultural institutions.