Broad acres

many acres, much landed estate.
See under Acre.

See also: Acre, Broad

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"My father has broad acres," the other continued, "from Fareham Creek to the slope of the Portsdown Hill.
If it could open to the red men the fair Valley Dor it would have accomplished much, and in the Land of Lost Souls between the Mountains of Otz and the ice barrier were many broad acres that needed no irrigation to bear rich harvests.
On these six hundred and forty broad acres he could have lived without the rest of the world.
sive "Eighteenth-century magnates grew wealthy on sinecures, pensions and ministerial office, and their successors ruthlessly exploited their broad acres with little consideration for those who tenanted their land or worked in their mines.
It seems inconceivable that a giant of the Old Farm rivalry has been consigned to celestial broad acres.
While Arshad is a real county talent and only 25, it's the signing of Lees while out of favour at Yorkshire which has really caught the eye of cricket lovers across the broad acres.
Since the family had a mere two decades earlier sold the bulk of the broad acres upon which its place at the head of the Irish peerage depended, it could be argued that the seventh duke just hastened the inevitable, but one of the many virtues of this elegantly produced collection is that it cautions against such facile and reductive conclusions.
Chairman Jim Miller is pictured with his lighthouse and storm painting, Mike Corbyn views his Broad Acres work, Rodger Luntz is shown with his painting of Helm Crag in the Lake District and Janet Luntz shows Backers Yard in Whitby
Acting Secretary King hit the ground running this week, revisiting his elementary school in Brooklyn, greeting students and teachers at JoAnn Leleck Elementary School at Broad Acres in Silver Spring, Maryland (part of the same school district where his children attend school), and hosting a meeting with teachers active on social media.
| BROAD Acres Fishery, at Hanbury, has begun its Summer Pairs League with a bang.
The Childwall teenager's sheer talent has taken her from a Netherley driving range, where it all began with her dearly loved and now sadly departed Dad, to top class courses like St Andrews and the broad acres of Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina.