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"This is undoubtedly a new ruthlessness on the part of the Prime Minister and I think for a broad church party like the Conservatives I think it bodes ill for us," he said.
Mr Twigg said he believes in the importance of Labour remaining a 'broad church'', adding: "In West Derby we continue to have an executive reflecting that broad church - with hard-working longstanding party officers remaining in post whilst many committed and enthusiastic new members have also taken up positions.
3 When Tories insist their party is a broad church, do they really mean it's like the drama Broadchurch, where everyone kills each other off?
"The Conservative parliamentary party is such a broad church that some of my colleagues appear to be no longer in the church.
A broad church party requires pluralism and tolerance to survive."
So you could say her acting career has been a very broad church indeed.
We need to rebuild our party's capacity to be a truly broad church in which many blends of socialism can flourish."
Those who find such questions uncomfortable hide behind the image of a "broad church".
His party used to be a broad church which tolerated different views, but since John McDonald waived Chairman Mao's little red book in Parliament, pernicious intolerance has taken root to the extent that Labour MP Frank Fields, as one of the most trusted, rational and reasonable of politicians, is threatened with being deselected by his party.
My concern, if Plaid fail to steer a new Wales first course, going back to a political broad church, this will result in the same fate as The Titanic.
The multi-volume anthology of current Irish poetry continues with selections of poems in English or with English translation by five very different poets, all bearing witness to different strengths of the Irish tradition and forming a broad church of divergent styles and interests, says Wheatley.