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A sword with a wide, usually two-edged blade that is designed for slashing rather than thrusting.
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(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a broad-bladed sword used for cutting rather than stabbing. Also called: backsword
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(ˈbrɔdˌsɔrd, -ˌsoʊrd)

a sword having a straight, broad, flat blade.
[before 1000; Middle English brood swerd, Old English brād sweord]
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Noun1.broadsword - a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edgesbroadsword - a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges; used to cut rather than stab
claymore - a large double-edged broadsword; formerly used by Scottish Highlanders
sword, steel, blade, brand - a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard
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[ˈbrɔːdˌsɔːd] Nsable m
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Small sword, or broad sword, in all its exercises boasts nothing like it.
Jones made her no answer; but snatching an old broad sword which hung in the room, he instantly sallied out, where he found the old gentleman struggling with two ruffians, and begging for mercy.
Then some would leap and some would run and some try archery and some ply the quarter-staff and some fall to with the good broad sword. Some again would try a round at buffet and fisticuff; and thus by every variety of sport and exercise they perfected themselves in skill and made the band and its prowess well known throughout all England.
I have been a dramatic critic myself, in my time, and I was often surprised to notice how much more I knew about Hamlet than Forrest did; and it gratifies me to observe, now, how much better my brethren of ancient times knew how a broad sword battle ought to be fought than the gladiators.
"A drum passing by," he says, "being a lover of music, I listed myself for a soldier."* "He mounted a war horse, with a great sword in his hand, and planted himself behind King William the Third against Lewis the Fourteenth." But he says when he cocked his hat, and put on a broad sword, jack boots, and shoulder belt, he did not know his own powers as a writer, he did not know then that he should ever be able to "demolish a fortified town with a goosequill."** So Steele became a "wretched common trooper," or, to put it more politely, a gentleman volunteer.
The Smith Museum's poet in residence, John Coutts, will also be on hand to perform the bilingual story 'How Duncan Ban Lost his Broad Sword'.
FALCHION A Medieval banqueting hall B Short, broad sword C Leather breastplate worn by Roman soldiers who am I?