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A granite peak, 1,141 m (3,743 ft) high, of the Harz Mountains in central Germany. It is the legendary site of the witches' Sabbath on Walpurgis Night.


(German ˈbrɔkən)
(Placename) a mountain in central Germany: the highest peak of the Harz Mountains; important in German folklore. Height: 1142 m (3747 ft). The Brocken Bow or Brocken Spectre is an atmospheric phenomenon in which an observer, when the sun is low, may see his enlarged shadow against the clouds, often surrounded by coloured lights


(ˈbrɒk ən)

a mountain in N central Germany: the highest peak in the Harz Mountains. 3745 ft. (1140 m).
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Tenders are invited for Urgent Repair of 2nd Munsef Quarter brocken boundary wall (North - East side) at Shibalay,Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas during
April 30 Germany Walpurgisnacht, Mount Brocken Witches' Night might sound ominous but it is actually fun.
A highlight is a narrow gauge steam train trip climbing nearly 4,000ft to Brocken station with Hartz-stopping views.
The boys face a frantic time as, prior to the Wembley show, they will be performing in Berlin for a Radio Brocken gig.
Add the splendour of the imperial city of Potsdam, Luther's Wittennberg and a steam train ride to the Brocken, the highest point of the Harz mountains and you have a unique holiday.
00 (435m): Seanie's Hero, Jack Kyle, Vancouver King, Tip Top Gervinho, Moonlight Ramble (W), Brocken Lance (W).
Highlight of the holiday is the iconic walk along the Goetheweg to the Brocken - highest point of the Harz, witches' meeting place and described in Goethe's Faust.
Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos, says, "Heliae is an ideal distribution partner for our technology.
The Brocken spectre, a natural phenomenon in which the interplay of a sinking sun and a misty atmosphere create a "natural magic lantern" projecting a giant shadow onto the mist, was commonly viewed by Romantic writers as an analogy for the inextricability of perception and artistic creation, and of the self and the external world (223).
Fly-half Jack Turton also got two while leading scorer Devon Constant inevitably got himself on the try list with Ieuan Lewis, Phil Brocken, Joe Baratt and Ryan Oakes the other men to cross the tryline.