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Noun1.Brockhouse - Canadian physicist who bounced neutron beams off of atomic nuclei to study the structure of matter (1918-2003)
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Marion fell into a deep hole early as the Rams led 14-4 after a 3-pointer from Weston Brockhouse, but cut that margin to 14-10 after five straight points from Justin Saddoris and a free throw by Terrell Henderson.
Three of these photographs, supplied by Tony Brockhouse of Kingswinford, date from the late 1960s, and show a beautiful sunny day in Upper Gornal.
The Nobel Prize in physics for 1994 was awarded to the Canadian experimental physicist Bertram Neville Brockhouse (Fig.
North Country Cheviot PS86 Brockhouse, PS85 Tarrasfoot, PS83 Bardnaclaven, PS81 Nettling Flatt, PS80 Fairview & Carruthers.
Brockhouse, Msetfi, Cohen, & Joseph, 2011), can have both negative and positive psychological consequences (e.
Greg Brockhouse, a longtime district resident who has been campaigning for Herrera, said the runoff is coming down to a "ground game versus a mail game.
After the war he worked for engineering company Brockhouse," says John.
Mary Anne White, a chemist at Dalhousie University, and Bruce Gaulin of McMaster University's Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, combined their facilities and expertise to explore how heat affects the magnetic properties of a metal oxide.
ONTARIO Environmental ideas run in the family for two Canadian university professors and half-brothers who jointly received the prestigious Brockhouse Canada Prize in 2013.
Dennis Brockhouse, 63, of Gleneagles Court, Whitley Bay.
Exhibits include a 1949 Brockhouse Corgi motorbike, 1974 Robin Hood sports car, 1981 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, 1960 Humber Hawk and a1953 Ferguson TED Tractor.
For verification of 3D computed magnetic flux and analytical results in different parts of the prototype machine, flux density measurement in the teeth of the motor is carried out by GAUSSMETER BROCKHOUSE 460.