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Noun1.Brockhouse - Canadian physicist who bounced neutron beams off of atomic nuclei to study the structure of matter (1918-2003)
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North Country Cheviot PS86 Carruthers, PS84 Sowerby Wood and Shoestanes, PS83 Nettling Flatt and Brockhouse, PS81 Earlside, PS80 Chaseside.
Greg Brockhouse, a longtime district resident who has been campaigning for Herrera, said the runoff is coming down to a "ground game versus a mail game.
After the war he worked for engineering company Brockhouse," says John.
Mary Anne White, a chemist at Dalhousie University, and Bruce Gaulin of McMaster University's Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, combined their facilities and expertise to explore how heat affects the magnetic properties of a metal oxide.
Dennis Brockhouse, 63, of Gleneagles Court, Whitley Bay.
Exhibits include a 1949 Brockhouse Corgi motorbike, 1974 Robin Hood sports car, 1981 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, 1960 Humber Hawk and a1953 Ferguson TED Tractor.
0x20 In the previous two years, Pavilion Global Markets (formerly Brockhouse Cooper), also cracked the top 10, posting transaction costs that, in some cases, were 30 basis points lower than the Elkins/McSherry Global Universe of trading costs.
They won the Brockhouse Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the Best Exhibit for the entire show and the John A Chatterton Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in the Grand Floral Marquee.
GARDENING GURU: David Bellamy BROCKHOUSE GOLD: Colin Jones WALK THIS WAY: This garden is themed on 10 Downing Street and Abbey Road, featuring The Beatles HOW MANY?
Brockhouse retired in July as a co-op development specialist with USDA's Cooperative Programs.
Jeri Rosa, Jerold Ellman, Jerome Cizek, Jerome Ward, Jerry Morey, Jerry Nightingale, Jessie Powell, Jihong Lee, Jill Eisner, Jo Ann Nygard, Joan Glendening, Joan Green, Joan Sturges, Joann Sanderson, Joanne Ferris, Joanne Hoffman, Jody Grove, Joe Kashani, Joe Megia, Joe Richardson, Joel Eichman, Johanna Sweaney Salt, John Arao, John Barrett, John Bates, John Bower, John Brockhouse, John Brychel, John Campbell, John Carbahal, John Courtney, John DeLuca, John Diehl, John Fogelman, John Grovom, John Hamann, John Hayashi, John Jacobs, John Lacey, John Link, John Maliszewski, John Marshall, John Moore, John Murphy,
Loren Brockhouse, Vice President of North American Sales, says trusts and associations represent a large percentage of Businessolver's book of business, "Trusts and associations have unique billing and finance needs, and Mike has four years of experience as a Client Services Director in that arena.