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Noun1.Brockhouse - Canadian physicist who bounced neutron beams off of atomic nuclei to study the structure of matter (1918-2003)
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* Reassigned Tammy Brockhouse from high school secretary to a four-hour grade school cook at her current rate of pay.
" Her firm's CEO Alan Brockhouse said: "Fay is a great role model and I hope she'll inspire other women."
Alan Brockhouse, CEO of PHD Group, said: "Fay is a great role model and I hope she'll inspire other women to take up access and scaffolding work."
Opponents fret that the as yet-untold financial impact of the new ordinance will be devastating for small-business owners who already have to "count every chip in the bowl and napkin on the table," as Councilman Greg Brockhouse put it.
The large area on Balmoral Drive and Rufford Road in Crossens has been home to a number of factories, including Philips, a television manufacturing company - famous for the building's clock tower - and other firms including Brockhouse Engineering and Mullard Limited, which made electrical components including valves for early TV sets.
Further, researchers have suggested that high caseloads focused on treating clients with a history of trauma position counselors at greater risk for developing vicarious traumatization (e.g., Baird & Jenkins, 2003; Brockhouse, Msetfi, Cohen, & Joseph, 2011; Cunningham, 2003; Devilly, Wright, & Varker, 2009; Linley & Joseph, 2007).
Three of these photographs, supplied by Tony Brockhouse of Kingswinford, date from the late 1960s, and show a beautiful sunny day in Upper Gornal.
The Nobel Prize in physics for 1994 was awarded to the Canadian experimental physicist Bertram Neville Brockhouse (Fig.
North Country Cheviot PS86 Brockhouse, PS85 Tarrasfoot, PS83 Bardnaclaven, PS81 Nettling Flatt, PS80 Fairview & Carruthers.
There is empirical evidence to suggest that such vicarious traumatic exposure, characterised as exposure to details of a traumatic event through contact with a direct trauma survivor (e.g., Brockhouse, Msetfi, Cohen, & Joseph, 2011), can have both negative and positive psychological consequences (e.g., Arnold, Calhoun, Tedeschi, & Cann, 2005).
"After the war he worked for engineering company Brockhouse," says John.