Broken breast

Bro´ken breast`

1.Abscess of the mammary gland.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A 35-year-old woman in one of the vehicles struck by the suspect's car suffered a broken breast bone and a 30-year-old man in the other vehicle got a bruise to his arm.
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said he sustained a broken breast bone, internal injuries and lacerations.
Oh, Y of the bird's broken breast, odd unstrung sling shot,
The accident as he was cycling near Bridgend in August was his second serious road accident and left him unconscious, with a double break to the pelvis and a broken breast bone.
She suffered three broken ribs, a broken breast bone, a broken vertebra, a broken thumb and a collapsed lung in the explosion.
During the three weeks leading-up to his death, defenceless Mr Oakes, known as Kenny, was subject to at least four brutal attacks at the hands of Rai, 21, which left him with a staggering 43 rib fractures, a broken breast bone, bruises and cuts.
FORMER Bees star Stuart Robson has been transferred by air ambulance to University Hospital, Walsgrave, after suffering a broken pelvis, spinal injuries and broken breast bone in a horrific smash at Mildenhall on Sunday.
"I saw her look from one boy to the other." Divorcee Mrs Cruz also had a dislocation of the spine, a broken breast bone, rib fractures and heart, lung and kidney damage.
State pathologist Professor Jack Crane also revealed that Daphne had a broken breast bone and nine cracked ribs from the weight of her attacker on top of her after she was hurled face down to the ground.
A BIKER suffered a broken breast bone after a collision with a car.
A friend, Karl Mullen, had to be freed from the passenger seat with eight broken ribs, fractures to his back, a broken breast bone and collapsed lung.
Mr Hackett suffered a collapsed lung, a broken breast bone and lost teeth as a result of the alleged beating, the court heard.