Bromus japonicus

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Noun1.Bromus japonicus - grass of Mediterranean and temperate Asia
brome, bromegrass - any of various woodland and meadow grasses of the genus Bromus; native to temperate regions
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D au cus carota * Bromus japonicus * Setaria pumila * Dianthus armeria * Calystegia sepium Sida spinosa * Dicanthelium sp.
Achnatherum splendens, Bromus japonicus, and Leymus racemosus are primary grasses in this reserve.
There's little chance that land managers will rid grasslands in the Northern Plains of the weedy annual grass called Japanese brome, also known as Bromus japonicus.
Whisenant and Uresk (1990) showed that burning in mixed-grass prairie communities could reduce Bromus japonicus, but that fire also negatively affected some native plant species, while positively influencing other native plant species.
The examples of Bromus japonicus and Poa pratensis (Table 6) showed that exotic species cannot be viewed as a group of species with similar responses to the same level of disturbance.
Bromus japonicus (Japanese brome) was also prevalent at SCP, but it was not recorded in the plots at NMP.
Common exotics on mixed grass plots included Alyssum minus, Bromus japonicus, Poa pratensis, P.
One of the most ubiquitous introduced species is Bromus japonicus,(2) a cool-season, annual grass, that has successfully invaded large portions of grazed as well as ungrazed North American Great Plains, mixed-grass prairie (e.
We know from general observation that Bromus japonicus can modify the physiognomy of mixed-grass prairie communities.