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a.1.(Anat.) Bronchial.
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Contract notice: digestive and bronchic endoscopy reference number: endo.1921
Supplies of medical devices for digestive and bronchic endoscopy
Two days later, her breathing improved, and a second bronchic aspiration was sterile.
Contract notice: provision of "single use consumable medical devices for digestive and bronchic endoscopies." reference number: ageps_ao_19-17c
services for the repair of bf-te2 bronchic fibroscope, manufactured by olympus medical systems 1 usl, indicated by the participants
Lot 2a: single use disposable anuscope lot 2b: disposable anuscope with handle lot 3a: disposable adult toothpick lot 3e: disposable child toothpick lot 5: adult reusable toothpick lot 6: stick cotton holder lot 7: disposable hemorrhoids litter lot 8: polyp container lot 9a: disposable external cleaning brush form 1 pack 9b: disposable external cleaning brush "lot 11: disposable swab rigid endoscopes and medical devices lot 13: disposable swab for uro, gynecological, oral and bronchial soft endoscopes lot 14: disposable swab kit for soft uro, gynecological, oral and bronchic endoscopes lot 15: swab kit for single use for flexible digestive endoscopes lot 16: reusable laser fiber.