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British anti-lewisite


abbreviation for
(Elements & Compounds) British anti-lewisite. See dimercaprol




 Cornwall. a collection of mines.
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Bronchoalveolar lavage cytology in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
The VAP PIRO score was developed in a population of 441 patients with a diagnosis of VAP based on clinical criteria in addition to quantitative cultures of tracheal aspirates or bronchoalveolar lavage (9).
4] In our patient, nocardiosis diagnosis was confirmed after typical gram-positive, beaded, branching filaments in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid specimen were shown in the sixth day.
Lack of clinical utility of bronchoalveolar lavage cultures for cytomegalovirus in HIV infection.
4'-dihydroxyphenyl) ethyl-O-[alpha]-L-rhamnopyranosyl(l (1 [right arrow] 3)-[beta]-D-(4-0-caffeoyl)-glucopyranoside] from their ethylacetate fractions, respectively, and evaluated their anti-asthmatic effects on the aerosolized ovalbumin (OA) challenge in the OA-sensitized guinea-pigs measuring the specific airway resistance (sRaw) during the immediate-phase response (IAR) and late-phase response (LAR), and also measured recruitment of leukocytes and chemical mediators on the bronchoalveolar lavage fluids (BALF) in LAR, as well as histopathological survey.
An international group of pediatric bronchoscopists discuss technical aspects in preparation for and performance of the procedure, from common to specialized applications like bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial biopsy, interventional bronchoscopy, and total-lung lavage; potential alternatives such as rigid and virtual bronchoscopy; the bronchoscopic appearance of the normal upper and lower airways and congenital and acquired abnormalities; and application to conditions like asthma, atelectasis and plastic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic suppurative lung diseases, endobronchial tuberculosis, chronic cough, lung transplantation, and immunosuppression.
19) Briefly, 23 patients satisfied the following major criteria: (1) exclusion of other known causes of interstitial lung diseases such as certain drug toxicities; no history of exposure to asbestos, silica, and any other inorganic dusts; and no evidence of arthritis, myalgia, skin eruption, or serum autoantibodies suggestive of collagen vascular diseases; (2) abnormal pulmonary function studies that include evidence of restriction; (3) bibasilar reticular abnormalities with minimal ground glass opacities on high-resolution computed tomography scans; and (4) transbronchial lung biopsy or bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) showing no features to support an alternative diagnosis.
For cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), body fluids and respiratory specimens (sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage, BAL), sample was inoculated on sheep blood agar and MacConkey agar for 48 h and incubated aerobically and in 5-10 per cent C[O.