bronze medal

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bronze medal

(Individual Sports, other than specified) a medal of bronze, awarded to a competitor who comes third in a contest or race. Compare gold medal, silver medal

bronze′ med′al

a medal, traditionally of bronze, awarded to the third-place winner in a competition.
bronze′ med′alist, n.
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Noun1.bronze medal - a trophy made of bronze (or having the appearance of bronze) that is usually awarded for winning third place in a competitionbronze medal - a trophy made of bronze (or having the appearance of bronze) that is usually awarded for winning third place in a competition
trophy, prize - something given as a token of victory
ميداليه بْرونْزِيَّه
bronzová medaile
medaglia di bronzo
bronzová medaila
bronz madalya


(bronz) noun, adjective
1. (of) an alloy of copper and tin. The medal is (made of) bronze.
2. (of) its reddish brown colour.
3. (a work of art) made of bronze. an exhibition of bronzes.
bronzed adjective
suntanned. a bronzed face.
bronze medal
in athletics competitions, the medal awarded as third prize.
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Calbayog City, Samar - Ormoc City dominated and ruled this year's Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association (EVRAA) competitions and emerged as overall champion, bagging 109 gold, 55 silver and 72 bronze medals.
In the squash Sami Ullah won bronze medal, in the wushu Khalid Afridi won gold medal while Hamid and Zahoor won bronze medals, in the 110m hurdles of the athletic event Mansoor Ali won bronze medal, Khuzran won bronze medal and also silver medal in discuss throw.
In the boxing event Haq Nawaz won silver medal in 56kg weight, Irfan Khan won gold medal in 91kg weight, in the taekwondo 54kg weight Hidayat Ullah won bronze medals, Mohammad Shoaib won silver medal, Mohammad Nasir won gold medal, Noroz Din won silver medal, Jibran won gold medal and Hikmat Ullah, Mazhar Ali won gold medals respectively.
Kazakhstan topped the ranking with two gold and 3 bronze medals, ahead of Ukraine (2 gold, 2 bronze) and Japan (1 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze).
Weightlifter Mohammed Sa'aoud won 6 bronze medals in the weightlifting 94kg category while Mohammed al-Ahmed got 6 bronze medals in 66 kg category and Mohammed Jreish gained 6 bronze medals in 62 kg category.
Mehuli Ghosh of West Bengal emerged as the best Rifle shooter winning eight Gold and 3 Bronze medals.
In men's 50kg weight category, Punjab's Hogan got gold medal, while FATA's Ijaz Ahmed and KPK's Akbar took silver and bronze medals, respectively.
Yoga: 1 Gold for Girls - 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals for Boys.
Out of the 49 medals, female players have won 15 gold, 14 silver and 3 bronze medals while male players managed to clinch 8 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals.
Wapda secured second position with 7 gold, 16 silver and 6 bronze medals with 454 points while Pakistan Railways finished third taking 3 silver and 17 bronze with 182 points.
Khartoum, 15 Rabi'I,1439 AH, 03 December,2017 , SPA -- Two Saudi students have won gold and bronze medals at the 3rd Khartoum State Schools Championship for Karate for the basic and secondary stages, as Fahd bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Aqeel won three gold and one bronze medals and Majd bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Aqeel one gold and three bronze medals.
Odbayar is placed in third in the IJF world ranking, won bronze medal at the World Judo Championships 2017, gold, silver and bronze medals at the Judo World Cups, gold, silver and bronze medals at the International Judo Grand Slams, silver medal at the Asian Games 2014, silver and bronze medals at the Asian Judo Championships, and team bronze medal at the World Judo Championships 2015.