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n.1.(Zool.) An Australian pigeon of the genus Phaps, of several species; - so called from its bronze plumage.
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Years later, his father Jim Hickman (later a Commodore of the RYCT) allowed the teenage Roger and several mates to take his classic yacht Bronzewing on extended overnight trips in southern Tasmanian waters, once in near dire circumstances when a storm came sweeping up the coast.
Under his stewardship, GCM discovered the Plutonic Gold Mine and explored, developed and operated the Bronzewing and Jundee Gold Mines, three world-class gold mines that continue to operate today.
Effective April 21, Navigator has produced inaugural gold bars at both its Bronzewing and Leonora Gold Projects, located 960 km and 830 km northeast of Perth respectively.
The bill is especially long in the New Guinea Bronzewing (Henicophaps albifrons) (Coates 1985), reminiscent of the condition in Darwin's Carrier pigeons.
George Raper (1769-1797) [Common bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera)] [c.
As satellite telemetry and spatial information system technologies become both more affordable and more efficient, similar tracking methods could be applied to a range of other declining, nomadic species, such as the flock bronzewing pigeon.
Great Central produces more than 700K-oz/yr Au at the Jundee, Bronzewing, and Wiluna mines in the Yandal and Wiluna regions of Western Australia.
Mr Gutnick was responsible for overseeing the discovery, development and operation of the world class Plutonic, Bronzewing and Jundee gold mines in Australia.
We did our first overnighter on Bronzewing (a 36-foot yacht belonging to Roger's dad Jim) for his ninth birthday.
The first on-site, full maintenance contact was agreed with contractor Brandbill for the Bronzewing gold mine in Western Australia, 1,000 km northeast of Perth, covering drill rigs, mine vehicles and ancillary equipment.
Mr Dow will be responsible for all of the company's current businesses which include Wiluna, Jundee, Bronzewing, Golden Grove, a half interest in the Kalgoorlie Superpit in Western Australia, the Tanami operations in the Northern Territory and Pajingo in Queensland as well as Martha Mine in New Zealand, the Ovacik operation in Turkey and the company's interests in Ghana.
I used to love family weekends away on my Dad's Bronzewing, including times where I'd play with my siblings on the semi-submerged hull of the James Craig in Recherche Bay.