supraorbital ridge

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Noun1.supraorbital ridge - a ridge on the frontal bone above the eye socketsupraorbital ridge - a ridge on the frontal bone above the eye socket
ridge - any long raised border or margin of a bone or tooth or membrane
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The peculiar V-shaped mouth with its pointed upper lip, the absence of brow ridges, the absence of a chin beneath the wedgelike lower lip, the incessant quivering of this mouth, the Gorgon groups of tentacles, the tumultuous breathing of the lungs in a strange atmosphere, the evident heaviness and painfulness of movement due to the greater gravitational energy of the earth--above all, the extraordinary intensity of the immense eyes--were at once vital, intense, inhuman, crippled and monstrous.
com/earth/story/20170214-your-face-is-probably-more-primitive-than-a-neanderthals) skull shapes that would have made it difficult for them to blend in today - large heads and faces, pronounced noses and brow ridges and flat foreheads, to name a few.
The most prominent skeleton changes are the larger brain case, continued flattering of the face and the development of big brow ridges.