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Noun1.Robert Brown - Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858)
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UTAH -- Dan Blanchard, Zachary Brown, Robert Cid, Conrad Graber, Kyle Groves, Joshua Hunt, John Irons, William Kehl, Kristin Keisel
After Peter Brown, Robert Markus, James O'Donnell, Paula Fredriksen, and Carol Harrison--to name some of the more influential figures--Robin Lane Fox has now brought his exceptionally sharp eye and pen to the hermeneutical problem of the Confessions with mixed success.
Additionally, the company said that at its annual meeting held earlier on Wednesday (4 May 2016) as well, the shareholders re-elected nine directors, Edward Bonach, Ellyn Brown, Robert Greving, Mary (Nina) Henderson, Charles Jacklin, Daniel Maurer, Neal Schneider, Frederick Sievert and Michael Tokarz, who will all serve terms expiring at next year's annual meeting.
Draw: Gary Foulkes v Craig Fenton, Richard Mozley v Adam Douglas, Richard Crowther v Nick Jagger, Frank Griffin v Graham Hirst, Roger LUnn v Mark Ellis, Steve Newport v Wally Whytell, Matt Hollingworth v Bryan Jenkins, Jack Glazzard v Chris Ellis, Kevin Burns v Paul Firth, Chris Bedford v Josh Brown, Robert Dunford v Steve Bottomley, Joe Bray v Peter Ellis, David Burns v Richard Brook, James Martin v Andy Walker, Ian Gould v Winner A, Winner B v Winner C.
Elected board members are Edward Bonach, Ellyn Brown, Robert Greving, Mary (Nina) Henderson, Charles Jacklin, Daniel Maurer, Neal Schneider, Frederick Sievert and Michael Tokarz.
Wong, Brennan Brown, Robert Taylor, Dotan Bonen, Griff Furst, Stephanie Honore
Scott Brown, Robert Snodgrass, Ross McCormack, Jordan Rhodes, Charlie Adam, James Forrest, Ryan Gauld, Stevie May, all absent and no one would complain if any of them were in.
Darren Fletcher, Scott Brown, Robert Snodgrass and Russell Martin all appeared on screen to wish us well.
From left - standing: Marjorie Jacques, Maurice Cleasby, Anne Carrigan, Tony Hutchinson, Katherine Peacocke, Shirley Brown, Robert Eddy |and Roland Mennell.
Amanda Brown, Robert Jones, Janet Holliday and Jess Leighton were chosen from scores of heartfelt nominations submitted in a search to find Gateshead's very own celebrities.
Scotland_David Marshall; Alan Hutton, Steven Whittaker (Lee Wallace, 69th) Grant Hanley, Gordon Greer, Charlie Mulgrew; Barry Bannan (Steven Naismith, 81st), Scott Brown, Robert Snodgrass (Ross McCormack, 69th), Craig Conway (Gary Mackay-Steven, 84th); Steven Fletcher.
Building on the work of Karen McCarthy Brown, Robert Orsi, and her own previous work, Courtney Bender furthers the growing use of ethnography and auto-ethnography in religious history in this fine monograph, a study of spirituality in Cambridge, Massachusetts.